New Year’s Gifts for Him – Equator Edition

The dreadful 2020 is finally coming to an end. It is time for a fresh start with the New Year just around the corner. Going forward, one thing is for certain that nothing is certain, so instead of focusing on new year resolutions in these rather uncertain times, why not embrace the ancient tradition of gifting to make your family members and loved ones feel extra special. Equator has you all covered, whether you are planning to spread warmth and love around you or looking for self-gifting options – because why not? You, above all, deserve the best!

Hues to Pursue

Do you think it is absolutely impossible to buy something for men in your life? Well, that notion is going to change with our latest arrivals that will surely turn out to be his absolute favorites for the upcoming year and beyond. We strongly suggest being super safe when choosing which color items you plan to gift someone. It’s hard to compromise on wearing the colors that don’t make you feel like yourself. On that note, we bet you agree that nothing is safer than black! Who doesn’t have a thing for black apparel regardless of time and season. This stylish yet quite fashionably-safe shirt in black is a sight for sore eyes!

Infinite Styling Options

Black is not only timeless when it comes to fashion but also, it’s a life saver. The styling matches are limitless making it an absolute essential. So, when you choose to gift this dapper black shirt you are free to leave the styling concerns behind you. They will already have several matches for this in their wardrobe. However, if you are seeking to experiment a bit, pairing these with the camel pants might win you the stylist award in your circle. Nevertheless, as appealing as it may seem, before making such choices you have to keep in mind the style aura of the person you are gifting this to.

Easy Gifting

The pandemic isn’t over yet, and you may not feel like being out and about to buy New Year’s presents. Well, Equator online store is the place for you. The online shopping experience does not get better than this. Feel free to browse through newest trends, treat yourself with multiple styling options and with secure payment methods get your favorites delivered timely to those you love-including yourself!

Happy shopping!