As you reach mid-December you almost have a foot in 2021 already! Whether you are celebrating the end of probably the most challenging year of your life or you just feel festive, a wardrobe update is in order. But to feel utterly revived from a long period of shopping hibernation we strongly suggest you to stir your wardrobe and go for a mix and match kind of day when shopping for your winter outfits. This stirring up includes not just cuts and fabrics that you haven’t worn before but also most importantly colors duos that you have not subjected yourself to.

Dapper Camel Pants

Most likely your first instinct is to buy navy blues and blacks whenever you are out on an outfit hunt. Well, as much as those tones are your go to but let us just admit that you have enough of those already! You do not need to invest in that again every year. However, you can go for something like these camel pants for a change. They are not the usual camel pants that give a bit too casual vibe. Being a tone or two deeper than what is usually out there is what makes these pants look quite classy. Since the finish is quite seamless you can carry them quite effortlessly in a semi-formal event too.

Pair and Layer

Now if you haven’t been experimenting with color combinations much, finding a suitable match for your deep-toned camel pants might seem like a dead end. That’s what we are here for. Ideally you must go for muted tones, your pants now have all the color that you may need in a single outfit. And if you are seeking perfection shop the monochromatic shirt to go with your pants. This gives off classic yet uber chic look that you can pull off at any occasion. If the weather calls for layering you need not to worry, you can either go for a solid black semi-formal jacket or the tweed coat featured in this look. The smart cut and subtle tone make it the right choice when it comes to adding a styling layer. A quick style-tip to effortlessly carry this look is to keep switching between buttoning and unbuttoning your coat a few times during the occasion. You are bound to secure some great shots with this one on!

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