Necessary Farewells


It is totally normal to buy your casuals and semi casuals off the rack whenever you are up for some wardrobe update. But, for the longest time the more formal looks have been reserved to custom tailoring. As posh as it may sounds nobody has the time for that now! The world that we live in is fast paced and challenging, leaving no time to indulge in such time-consuming charades. We all know that the tailor won’t get your fit right for the first time anyway. Hence, time to bid farewell to custom tailoring and explore more accessible options out there.

Am I compromising on quality?

Let us address the elephant in the room, does off the rack mean that you are compromising on quality? Not at all! if you pay attention you will be able to tell the difference between the fabric in both cases. When it comes to the stitching details you have the chance to look at everything in detail before you commit to a suit, which is not true in case of custom-tailored suits. Moreover, the fashion retailors are trying to keep up with the changing demands of the modern world and hence curating grab-and-go formal for gen x and z. So, compromising on quality is in no one’s best interest here.

Try it, Like it? Bag it!

Ready to wear suits are an absolute blessing when it comes to deciding what color or pattern you should go for. Suits are usually adorned on special occasions, you would not want to mess that up by experimenting a lot. Usually one ends up choosing the safest grays and black. But these accessible suits give you the option to actually try and see what looks the best on you. It gives you the opportunity to amp your style scenario while feeling all confident about it.

Follow the Look

If you don’t buy suits on a regular basis or you are completely new to the club then brands such as Equator are great to follow for inspiration. If you like a particular look you can just shop the entire look from one place instead of spending time looking for the closest possible match of the look you want. You can be sure that you are spending your money in the right place!

You can check out some great looks now, totally meant to make you look dapper for the next big event on your calendar!