Equator with Yasser Dar and Muzamil Tariq

The Equator is a clothing brand that aims to offer modern and updated trendy outfits. It introduces the world to innovative ways for dressing up a comfortable and classy experience for its customers. It doesn't matter if you want to try formal wear for special occasions or go casual with everyday clothing; The Equator has everything covered for you. With numerous innovative and creative dressing solutions for its customers, it also provides a way to rock your every type of outfit.

The Equatorstores has diverse options when it comes to trendy styling for menswear. It is essential to select the appropriate styling options to ace your personality with fashionable apparel. The Equator focuses and emphasizes its customers to create their style with a wide variety of trendy and affordable options. Keep a few things in mind when trying any styling fashionable combination.

Firstly, when trying different stylings options, choose an individual style for you. Don't try to follow your famous heroes or movies of the 90s; instead, create your style. Secondly, your unique style should be easy to maintain; choose the equally modern and decent one. Your style should be timeless at least for 2 to 4 years; evolve your style gradually and slowly with changing times and trends.

Remember, your styling is your media buy. It represents your confidence, status, class, and intelligence. The way you style is the first impression everyone notices; it creates a great impression on the other side even before you open your mind. Lastly, simple is the best way to go when it comes to clothing for men. Plain T-shirts, polo shirts, socks, shoes, pants are enough to create your style. The critical thing is to consider and prioritize comfort before any other factor.

Take a Clue From Classy Guys Yasser Dar & Muzamil Tariq.

The Equator is the favorite brand for models and celebrities due to their trendy creative outfits. Stars like Muzamil Tariq and Yasser dar wear and showcase different Equator product lines, including Equator's Core, 360activewear, formalwear, and Qaftaan.

Casual Style

Here Muzammil Tariq is displaying Equator's sweatshirt with a bomber jacket and Denim jeans, representing a killer casual look.

Here Yasser dar is showing off a casual look with a cream color jacket with a green t-shirt, pink muffler, and denim jeans.

Formal style

Muzzamil Tariq shows off a formal look with a buttoned-style line patterned coat with matching pants. The addition of slip-on creates a classy look while remaining formalwear for special occasions.

Qaftaan style

Yasser dar wore the western style kaftan with a designed muffler and casual coat. He is representing the tradition of the west in a classy and fashionable way.

Here Muzzamil Tariq is wearing traditional western style navel-blue Qaftaan with a grey waistcoat; Making a killer combination as a formal and everyday event.

If you are looking for trendy and affordable options to dress up as your favorite celebrities or develop your style. Visit the Equator website to buy the latest fashionable clothes for your formal, casual, and everyday wardrobe.