How does equator create?

The Equator is an exquisite clothing brand, making apparel on the principles of "Trendy and Affordable outfits" by providing a vast collection of menswear for any event, including casual wear to formal suits. The Equator stores have been providing quality wardrobe solutions since 2009. It comes up with apparel for every season, whether bonfire season or hot sunny weather. Here we look at the scenes working of the pioneer of the menswear collection.

Make it simple, but significant - Equator Concept!

The Equator has a pretty organized process of manufacturing clothes to ensure acceptable quality clothing. On behind the scenes of The Equator produces clothes in the following steps:


The first process in creating the equator apparel is trim and fabric sourcing, developing fabric, making patterns, and sampling. Initially, when the equator designers have finalized the designs, then equator manufacturers source the material they need. Secondly, pattern makers at the Equator use advanced software to break down designs into 2D pieces. Lastly comes the sampling process, in which individual garments are sewn as a prototype for testing.

Production planning

After the pre-production phase, the next step comes when the Equator's dedicated team plans and schedules all necessary activities. They take care of every aspect of manufacturing by monitoring and measuring the time and resources utilized.

Cutting process

The next phase includes cutting the fabric, which is the most crucial step as it requires great care. Fabric is a costly item; therefore, the team at the Equator takes great care to cut it by using laser cutting to prevent wastage and increase efficiency.

Manufacturing process

The Skilled labor of the Equator carries out manufacturing by ensuring quality in every aspect. They analyze the products to look for any shortcomings or faulty to not compromise on the quality and customer experience. In the final stage, The Equator reviews the products to ensure everything is okay; if yes, then apparel is transported to the Equator warehouse.

What does the Equator Create?

The Equatorstores have apparel to wear for any event; whether you want to like a formal look in suits or show a casual look, we have everything covered for you.

Polo Shirts

The Equator has a wide variety of polo shirts for customers of every age. The good thing about polo is no matter what age you are in; it is essential clothing for your summer wardrobe. The Equator has the best polo shirts for casual, semi-formal, and sports events.


The Equator has read to make formal wear for its customers, with a collection of patterns and plain suits. Visit the equator stores and try different colors like greys, navel blue, and black. The Equator has the best variety of cases for special occasions.


When it comes to a great collection of Summer wear, or simple casual outfits for any season, the Equator has the solution for you. The Equator has a great t-shirt and shorts collection in their great Summer cruise collection.

Denim Jeans

If you wonder how you can rock your outlook with casual or polo shirts, you need the equator denim jeans. The Equator has blue and black jeans for your everyday wardrobe; choose what best suits you to give a trendy outlook.

If you are looking for trendy and affordable outfits to add to your wardrobe, then visit the Equatorstores to access the latest collection to add to your apparel collection.