Equator With Rehan Babar and Ali Arif

The Equator is an exceptional clothing brand that takes pride in delivering trendy and premium quality products to its customers. It provides a diversity of designs and patterns for every style it manufactures. But it is essential to keep a few details in mind when choosing the apparel. The Equator has a variety of collections for every customer, but it shares a guide for them to dress up appropriately.

The Equator style guide

The Equator promises the finest quality for its customers and focuses on the best customer experience and satisfaction. Try to make your wardrobe luxurious and not save money by compromising quality. Instead, buy quality clothes, which will last longer. Consider Equator to get this daunting task done on the go!

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”

It is essential to consider various factors when buying clothes for yourself. Age is a crucial factor in selecting apparel; when a person gets old, it doesn't suit you to go for color contrast. That is not to say a person cannot mix and match, but instead, use decent clothing which agrees with you. A simple pro tip is to stick with plain colors rather than patterns and designs.

When it comes to wearing apparel, the foremost priority everyone should have is considering comfort. Remember, you are not comfortable and confident in what you are wearing; imagine what impact it will have on others. Therefore, wear what makes you comfortable, rather than following fashionable trendy outfits.

Style Files: Rehan Babar & Ali Arif

Celebrities and models prefer the Equator for its modern and up-to-date designs. Models and social media influencers like Rehan Babar and Ali Arif chose The Equator Stores for a classy and trendy look. Here are some of the highlights of these celebrities wearing The equator outfit.

Formal look

Here Rehan Babar is wearing a 3pcs suit of the Equator. A plain white shirt creates a great combination with a brown hardwood color vest. The Patter coat with the same pattern pants creates a classy and formal look for special occasions. Apart from making a traditional elegant look, it is excellent for winter.

Casual look

In the picture, Ali Arif is wearing a casual outfit from the new Equator collection. A simple plain t-shirt with trousers creates a tremendous casual outlook and provides a comfortable experience. Moreover, the addition of a leather jacket of the finest quality by the Equator increases the grace of the model

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