Now who is done with their daily selection of clothes for the day outs? We pretty much understand the frustration you go through of choosing some easy outfit. Be it t-shirts or trousers, polos or shorts, it is one job to pair up an attire. Summers being just around the corner, they sure are bringing along a reminder to dress up as casual as you can. Good thing, we have got your back, providing you with top to bottom pieces to keep your class alive.

Keep calm and wear white

A smart clean-cut classic white is here to your rescue. Full sleeves button down shirt is always a go-to trend in your wardrobe. No matter what your taste in clothing is, white button down shirt is keeping its space in your cupboard. One of the best piece of clothing you could have to complete your summer looks is among the folds. This is just a misconception that white shirts are only meant for formal events. In this day and age, there are many styles and trends that can be carried with white shirt. Be it casual or formal, it has been a savior for each day. It can be seen everywhere from high street to even beaches. The leading way to buy a shirt is always go for breathable and comfortable fabric. Do not miss out on slim fit though! On formal occasions, it can easily be worn as an undershirt under tuxedos or with any casual upper coat or blazer. Also, a tie or a bow is like a cherry on top. On other semi formal gatherings, you can simply just wear it with chinos or jeans, tuck it in and better to roll up your sleeves and you’re ready to go.

Black’s a savior

Numerous ways to style and carry your jogger pants! Also known as joggers, it can easily be styled with different dress codes and occasions. Joggers are highly comfortable pants which can be styled with casual or formal shirts both. When it comes to black jogger pants, all the hands are on it to grab. Talking about black, it is never a color to lose especially when it comes in the variety of pants. Your college partner with a causal t-shirt or hoodies, it can be worn at any causal gathering. Pushing it a little towards semi formal, never shy away wearing it with a blazer or dress shirt. White and black go hand in hand, so no second thoughts on it. Crossing all the looks, the most comfortable one is the lounge look, where you can simply wear it with your hood to bask on your comfy couch. Name any occasion and it is always the first in your mind when the question is about your solace. To give your look a boost, sneakers or moccasins are always complementing your looks with the jogger pants.

So keep calm and shop your favorites with us.

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