Let the cool begin!

No wonder the sun is all in its rage. Don’t you think you should take a break from jeans or trousers in this hot weather? Standing in front of your cupboards and scratching your heads to opt for anything light and cool is necessary now. Good news is, we have got you covered with our new range of summer attires, that is going to keep your cool and beat the heat altogether.

Batten down the hatches

What are your instincts to buy something summery but trendy? Again, button down shirts are the first in priority. Either you have to attend a party or chill out with your friends after a long time. This Pine colored button down will never disappoint you. Your one true partner in disguise, pure cotton shirt will never let you feel the heat. The trend is to roll up the sleeves and groove to your beats. Also, it can always add to the looks by leaving the upper two buttons unbuttoned. Not to your surprise, but you can always carry it to your pool parties too, to catch a little semi-formal looks when you aren’t in the mood to dive.

Short on shorts?

Now this is one terrible idea to not have a hoarding of shorts when the summers are dancing over our heads. Stepping out of the idea of fashioned jeans and cargos, one must look out and shop some shorts for the summer period. It doesn’t only keep you off the hustle of fighting the sweat; it also provides you with all the cool vibes needed for the occasions. Stressing over the colors? I must say that off white pulls off pretty neat here. It can go with any color of the shirt you choose to wear. Here, the pine green combo of shirt with off white shorts is a must try! Never lose the essence of fashion by pairing the wrongs. It is must to keep a contrast of one lighter and one darker shade of clothing you opt. All the suggestion aside, never doubt your own choice too. It can bring out the best in you while keeping you confident.

Equator is more than happy to provide you with all the latest trends. Stay safe and shop cool!